Sunday, March 20, 2011


entah kenape tetibe hati aku terdetik nak ambik post dari sakinah ni,pasal cara pemakaian tudung perempuan ni ,.

nowadays many girls lots of them do wear hijab BUT in the wrong way (!) haaaah Rasulullah must be very sad to see his ummah becoming like this im not saying here that im perfect everyone make mistakes and we need to remind each other

1 . girls , u wear hijab but on the same time u wear short sleeves t-shirt --"

in islam , it had been clearly stated that 'aurat perempuan' is the whole body except our face and our palms . but why why why you still wear short sleeves while wearing hijab ? isn't it the same as if ure not wearing hijab ?

2. girls , u wear hijab but u shorten ur hijab(selendang) as short as you could --"

hmm , nowadays , 'selendang' is the in thing . its not a sin to wear 'selendang' .but whats wrong is the way most of the girls wear their 'selendang' mm what do you think is wrong ? yes !
they wear their selendang as short as they could wear it until it only covers the neck (!) what about your chest dear girls ? the PROPER way to wear hijab is to cover not only your neck and hair ! think about it .

3. girls, u wear hijab . EXCELLENT , but u wear tight clothes and pants :(

haih , must it be reminded again the reason why we wear hijab ? ill tell it in the simplest way
untuk tutup keaiban kita la sayang oii :) we wear hijab , yes , thats really good but our clothings shows our body figure subhanallah why do wear hijab then ? it is just the same

4. girls, hijab and spaghetti strap dress ? is it a good combination ?

sayang sayang ,the answer is no :o why ? after doing some research, girls wear tight inners with their spaghetti strap dress aspecially those who wear skin coloured inners it is just the same as though they are not wearing inners from far ,u'll see as though that person is wearing hijab with a spaghetti strap dress ,and even some guys said that "ta manis la nmpk talitali tu" hah ! if the guys have some awareness ,why not us the girls ? im speechless now .

5. girls , u wear hijab, but u have a very high bun . --"

adoyai sayang sayang ,why must you have high buns while wearing hijab ?Rasulullah said  ,the ones who wear hijab with high buns is said similar to camels hump do you like it ? i hope not :)
girls , if our beauty is shown to other guys that is not our mahram(husband) what will our husband get if everybody have admired his wife's beauty ? think deeply into the heart nothing that Allah told us to do is useless everything have their own reasons .always always always always remember this

"wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik dan begitu sebaliknya "

always remember this if we really want to be a good muslimah , insyaAllah Allah will help us izzatul islam ! ameen ~

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